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To get started creating dance music all you need is a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and your own creativity. However having amazing tracks in your head doesn't mean anything if you can't actually produce the idea.

Dance Music Design provides beginner, intermediate and advanced tutorials to support producers of all experience levels. We teach you music production in your favourite genre right from the foundations, discussing theory and basic production techniques and then teaching more advanced techniques. Unfortunately there are no secrets which will take you straight to the top. The only way to produce better tracks is through practice. However our comprehensive production guides will get you up and running right from the offset and enable you to get started producing music straight away in your favourite genre.

How are we unique?

We teach electronic dance music production through our cohesive Production Guides. We believe that these cohesive packages are the best way to learn dance music production. Many other sites sell project files, advertising the opportunity to examine, learn from and remix a professional quality track. However we don't believe that simply looking at a premade template will truly enable you to understand the production process or learn how to create your own tracks from scratch, in the same way that you will not learn just by combining premade loops. Templates can indeed be great to learn from and improve tracks however on their own and without prior production knowledge we think they are of limited use.

This is why for the same price as many templates, we provide comprehensive walkthrough video tutorials explaining the creation of a track and why certain techniques were used, a complete ebook which discusses not just the production processes but also the theory and composition of the genre, your own synth presets to get you started straight away, as well as a high quality template of a complete track. And we even include added bonus guides and the opportunity to take advantage of free feedback on your tracks. This ensures that you learn the actual production techniques and are able to create your own tracks.

About Us

Dance Music Design was launched in summer 2013 to teach dance music production. We believe that everyone should be able to learn how to produce music, which is what inspired the creation of our production guides. As you browse the site, you'll find soundcloud demos for most of the products that we have, and full descriptions of what each product consists of. Please browse around the site, check out our blog and like our facebook page for exclusive news, tutorials and discounts. Enjoy the site and thank you for visiting!