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Learn Music Production in Logic Pro.

If you want to create music but aren't sure where to start or want to get the most out of Logic Pro and create high quality dance tracks as well as learning all the latest tips, tricks and workflow methods then our production tutorial packages provide the perfect solution for you.

Dance Music Design provides basic, intermediate and advanced tutorials to support users of all experience levels. We start by discussing the basics and getting you up and running with Logic and then we teach you how to produce music in your favourite dance music genre. The courses are delivered through a comprehensive, one-stop-shop package containing an ebook, hours of video tutorials, project files and bonus guides. Get started making music today!

How do we teach?

We teach you how to make electronic dance music in Logic Pro using our signature and unique Production Guides. These are complete, cohesive packages which provide everything you need to learn how to make music in the genre of your choice. Whereas other sites may sell project files, we don't believe that by simply looking at a premade template you will gain the ability to create your own tracks from scratch.

This is why for the same price as many templates which are available, Dance Music Design provides not only a professional quality template, but also comprehensive walkthrough video tutorials explaining how the track was created and why certain techniques are used, a full ebook discussing not just the production processes but also the composition and theory of the genre, your own samples and presets to get you started straight away and even added bonus guides and free feedback on your tracks!


Jonatan F.

"If you want to start producing trance or maybe just cannot get the hang of it, then the Uplifting Trance Production Guide is a must for you. It's amazing. I've learned a lot from it, both in terms of production, mixing, and other things such as acoustics." ~ Jonatan F.

Cuepoint Records (DE), Vacate Music (GB), PR Records (SWE)


"Once the course kicks off you are quickly made familiar with important Logic controls before setting off creating the sounds required for the production...If you are new to the production game and want to hit the ground running, this is a fantastic guide that will bring you the knowledge needed to start off without overwhelming things, and keep the momentum going as your skills further improve!" ~ Aiera

Pulsar Recordings, Silver Waves Recordings, Unearthed Recordings

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