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  1. Production Guides FAQs

    • What ability are the production guides aimed at?
      Our production guides are primarily designed for beginner and intermediate trance producers. If you are an experienced producer then this eBook may be of limited use to you. If you are unsure of what level you are at or whether this ebook is for you, why not download the free sample pages at the bottom of this page
    • Do I need anything apart from a DAW?
      When starting off, no. You can get started producing trance music with just a pair of headphones to begin with, however it is advised that you upgrade to a decent pair of studio monitors particularly when producing trance music with a lot of bass. This ebook will tell you all the equipment you need and will give you recommendations for various price brackets. It may be advisable for you to buy the plugin Sylenth 1, as some tutorials on producing sounds (esp. basses) are done in Sylenth 1. Have a look at the next couple of questions if you are still unsure.
    • Can I use this if I don't have Logic?
      Yes! You can benefit from this ebook hugely as all of the techniques for producing dance music can be transferred across to other DAWs (e.g Reason 4 & 5, Ableton Live, FL Studio, Pro Tools, Cubase etc.).
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