The Electro Bass Production Guide

The Electro Bass Production Guide

The Electrobass Production Guide is coming soon...


  • Main Manual / ebook

    More than 100 pages detailing music production tutorials and diving into the very foundations of the genre itself.

  • 12 Main Video Tutorials

    A walkthrough of a high quality electro track - demonstrating how the main parts are put together, and how to achieve a tight mix.

  • Samples and Presets

    All the presets and samples needed to start producing trance tracks right away.

  • Logic Project file

    Discover, edit and remix a high quality trance track created specifically for tutorial purposes.

  • Dance Music Design's two bonus guides

    Two bonus guides detail studio setup and equipment recommendations to help you take your productions further.

  • Feedback

    Optional feedback and advice on your tracks from our team.

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This production guide is also compatible with tablets and mobiles, so that you can continue learning on the move!

Our main ebook and bonus guides are both delivered in pdf format, meaning it is as easy as drag-and-drop to put them on your tablet or mobile.

Additionally video tutorials are in .mov format - which should automatically be compatible with most devices. Alternatively they can be converted to any format and loaded onto your device.

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